At Pizza Hut, we believe that everyone deserves equal opportunity. That’s why we created the Equal Slice program, which provides education, mentorship, and $20,000 grants to minority business owners to help them succeed.



We’ve partnered with Initiative for a Competitive Inner City (ICIC) who have over 15 years of experience in supporting underrepresented minority groups by giving them a chance to make their dreams a reality. Together, we are giving minority business owners the opportunity to get education, mentorship, and grants they might not get otherwise.

"Participating in the Equal Slice Program helped us think strategically and take our business to the next level."

Cassie and Christine, owners of I’ll Know It When I See It ™, are Equal Slice program participants and $20,000 grant recipients. Which means they not only received invaluable information to grow their business, but the cash to do so as well.

"Equal Slice’s focus on teaching and mentorship is something I haven’t seen another program offer to the BIPOC community on a national scale."

Asha Wheeldon, owner of Kula Foods, is an Equal Slice program participant and $20,000 grant recipient. Which means she not only gets the cash to expand her business, but the mentorship and education to do so.

"The Equal Slice program was a terrific opportunity to develop my network. I still work with the business coaches today."

Jean-Philippe, owner of Jardins Lakou, is an Equal Slice program participant and $20,000 grant recipient. Which means he not only got to work with business coaches, but got some capital to put what he learned into action.

"My favourite part of the Equal Slice program was the invaluable mentorship."

Diséiye Thompson, owner of DISÉIYE, is an Equal Slice program participant. The mentorship she received for her business was invaluable, and just one of the many things the program offers minority business owners.


ICIC drives inclusive economic prosperity in under-resourced communities through innovative research and programs to create jobs, income, and wealth for local residents.

Founded in 1994 by Harvard Business School Professor Michael Porter, the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City is a national nonprofit research and advisory organization and the leading authority on U.S. inner city economies and the businesses that thrive there.

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