1. Order pizzas from Pizza Hut® via the website or mobile device.

2. Place $10.99 minimum order to acquire 1 point per day

3. After your 5th order, you’ll get one for FREE.*

4. The cycle will automatically start again so you can rack up as many free pizzas as you like!

Pizza Hut® Hut Rewards Loyalty Program is for participating Pizza Hut Restaurants. See terms and conditions here: Terms & Conditions

Who can join Hut Rewards?
Legal residents at least 14 and over of all provinces and territories are eligible for the program.

How do I join Hut Rewards?
To join, visit www.pizzahut.ca. If you are registered to the site, you will need to sign in and click "Get Started!". If you aren’t registered to the site, simply register and check the box to join Hut Rewards.

How do I start earning points?
Online orders of $10.99 or more (excluding tax and delivery charge) will earn a single digital pizza slice (stamp). Limit one per day, slice will appear within 48hrs after order.

How do I redeem my rewards points?
After signing into your account, you can redeem your rewards pizzas through your Loyalty Wallet.

How do I get credit/points for past orders?
Points can't be received for past orders.

Can I use my reward for Stuffed Crust or add extra toppings?
You can upgrade your reward to Stuffed Crust and/or add additional toppings for an extra charge.

What counts toward the $10.99 order minimum to be eligible?
The $10.99 includes coupon discounts. Tax, delivery charge and tip excluded.

Is there a delivery minimum on reward orders?
No delivery minimums do not apply to reward orders.

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