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Check out the latest meal deals available from Pizza Hut

  1. The Triple Treat Box

    The Triple Treat Box

    Includes 2 medium pizzas (2-Topping CYO or Recipe) regular breadsticks, two dips, 8 boneless bites & an ultimate Hershey's® Chipits® Cookie.

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  2. $10 My Box

    $10 My Box

    Individual 3-topping pizza and your choice of side - 5 Boneless Bites or regular Fries

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  3. My Box 2 For $19

    My Box 2 For $19

    Get 2 completely custom combo meals for one great price. Each box comes with an individual 3-topping pizza, and choice of side. Choose from 5 boneless bites or fries.

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  4. $5 $5 $5

    $5 $5 $5

    Order any regular priced large pizza and get a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th medium (of equal or lesser value) for $5 each.

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  5. $10.99 Pizza Of The Day - Chicken Caesar

    $10.99 Pizza Of The Day - Chicken Caesar

    $10.99 mediums Sun: Triple Crown, Mon: Hawaiian, Tues: Pepperoni, Wed: Canadian, Thurs: Supreme Lover's®, Fri: Chicken Caesar, Sat: Veggie Lover's®. Offer available online only. Upsize to large for a few bucks more. Select locations.

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  6. Game Night Meal

    Game Night Meal

    Includes two medium recipe pizzas, 14 boneless bites, 2 dips and your choice of a 2L Pepsi® product. Offer available online only.

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  7. Loaded Flatbreads 2 for $12.99 Bundle

    Loaded Flatbreads 2 for $12.99 Bundle

    Choose any two of our new Loaded Flatbreads (recipe or CYO 3-toppings) for only $12.99.

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  8. $25.99 Pizza And Wings Deal!

    $25.99 Pizza And Wings Deal!

    Create your own 3-topping medium pizza, add 8 boneless bites in your choice of sauce, then add 2 dips! Online only.

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  9. Large Favourites Deal!

    Large Favourites Deal!

    Choose from our favourites menu. BBQ Chicken! Margherita! Hawaiian! Canadian! Triple Crown! $16.99 Large Pizzas, Everyday, Online Only.

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  10. New Beyond Meat Menu! Starting at just $7.99

    New Beyond Meat Menu! Starting at just $7.99

    Try our new Beyond Meat Italian Sausage crumble in a bunch of your Pizza Hut favourites - Starting at just $7.99.

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  11. Two Medium Pizzas Deal!

    Two Medium Pizzas Deal!

    Comes with 2 medium pizzas (3-Topping CYO or Recipe) for one great price! Online Only.

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  12. Pizza and Pint

    Pizza and Pint

    Get a medium Pizza (3-topping CYO or recipe) and a pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Only $25.99

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  13. 2 For $4

    2 For $4

    Choose 2 bottled beverages for just $4.

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  14. $21.99 Create-A-Meal

    $21.99 Create-A-Meal

    Start with a 2-topping PANalicious pizza then add your choice of 8 Boneless Bites, regular breadsticks and caesar salad. online only

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  15. $16.99 Create-A-Meal

    $16.99 Create-A-Meal

    Start with a 2 topping PANalicious pizza then add regular breadsticks and your choice of 5 Boneless Bites. Online Only.

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